About Us

Why the name? What does 'Back Deck' mean anyway? Well, we are a husband and wife team who met many moons ago whilst working for Royal Caribbean International. When we were bobbing around in the ocean we used to spend much of our free time at our crew recreation area 'The Back Deck', and ever since then we have always thought of that as home, the place we love to be together, share laughs and drinks with our friends, and look out over some of the most picturesque parts of the world.

Since then we have discovered we are pretty darn good at managing stuff - bands, musicians, events, gigs, you name it. So that's what we do! We work with a host of brilliant musicians and entertainers, who love what they do and want to perform for you. We help them with the admin side of things - booking gigs, giving guidance, dealing with the financial stuff and making connections for them.

For venues and clients, we try to take some of the stress out of booking entertainment and trying to work out what's good amongst the sea of musicians and entertainment out there! You might have a one-off event, a series of events, a festival, a wedding, anything really - and you don't know where to start! Just drop us a line and we'll give you some suggestions. Even if we don't work with the people you had in mind, we'd be happy to help you get in touch with them.

At the end of the day, we are here for you, and for the entertainers! We want to connect you guys and share the love and make your event a brilliant success. 

Steve Davison

Steve's been working in the music business his whole life - as a performer, musical leader and manager. He's performed in everything from symphony orchestras to punk bands; from the UK to the USA and here in Australia; from Big Day Out to the local pub in the middle of no-where; from the parade ground to the middle of the ocean - it's been a pretty wild ride. Steve currently works as a full-time musician with the Australian Army Band and loves nothing more than getting projects off the ground, playing and listening to great music and generally helping people to see their ideas come to fruition. He deals with the booking and management side of things. 

Loren Kalis 

Loren is an actor, graphic designer, stilt walker, entertainer and visionary! She sees potential where others can't (or haven't yet) and will work out a plan to utilise that potential! Originally from South Africa, she has always loved being on TV - until her Mum told her to get down off there. Loren has also travelled the world, honing her craft and entertaining far and wide - as a stilt walker for Dreamworks, graphic designer and digital content specialist with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and as an actor in South Africa and here in Australia. Loren oversees our wedding entertainment and works with the venues and event managers, as well as expos and showcases. She also manages our improvising actors and stilts walkers. 

Back Deck Entertainment

ABN: 90 422 966 213